Aerial Genomics News

Fenway Park

Aerial Genomics along with it's Civil Engineering partner Cedarville Engineering, flew/3D mapped the legendary ballpark in support of facilities assessment, logistics support and potential VR/AR/MR fan experience opportunities.  We also took advantage of Live Nation's Fenway Concert Series event featuring the Zac Brown Band and modeling the enormous stage configuration.

We can leverage aerial data in many ways such as;

-Reality modeling for building infrastructure assessment and inspection.  Reality models are accurate based on ground control points (sub 2cm).

-Design/Planning for events using models with standard configuration and legacy models that can be accessed at anytime.  Measure and calculate via web-browser without any installed software.

-Analyze data for autonomous detection of rust, corrosion, damaged roof elements, missing and/or loose fasteners.  

-Convert point clouds to BIM geometry.

-Share reality model data with fire and safety.